Old Tube Talker Demos

Lecture at the 158th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America on October 27, 2009

Demonstration of audio samples produced by TubeTalker for this lecture:

"The black cat"

"The black bat"

"The black gnat"

"The black cat" with widened epi-laryngeal space

"The black cat" with longer duration and tremor

"The black cat" with shortened vocal tract length and high F0

"The black cat" with a Halloween voice


Audio and video demos from ICVPB 2008 conference in Tampere, Finland 08.09.08

These demos are based on the same “TubeTalker” model for changing the vocal tract shape. The voice source is a kinetic model of the 3D glottis based on Titze (2006), The myoelastic aerodynamic theory of phonation, NCVS, pp. 197-214. 

Animation of kinematic model of the 3D glottis:

Adductory maneuvers without vibration

Adductory maneuvers with vibration

Adductory Glides:

Long "hahaha"

Short "hahaha"

Building the sentence “He had a rabbit and a boat.”


Vowel sequence + pitch changes

Vowel sequence + pitch changes + adductory changes

Consonant articulation + #2 (complete sentence)

Faster version of #3

Even faster...

Complete sentence but with breathy voice.

Complete sentence but with laryngeal tremor.

Complete sentence with lengthened vocal tract and wide epilarynx

Complete sentence with lengthened vocal tract and constricted epilarynx

First attempt at singing the sentence

Second attempt at singing the sentence.

Another attempt at singing - but one consonant is changed. Which one?

Animations (note: so that vocal tract shape changes can be easily observed, these run about 2.5 times slower than real time)

Vowel sequence for the sentence - tubular representation and formant tracks

Complete sentence: vowel sequence + consonants (tubular representation and formant tracks)

Complete sentence: tubular representation with 3D view

Complete sentence: tubular representation in vocal tract profile view


Slide Show from XV Pacific Voice Conference at PIXAR Studios 03.11.05

“Oh yeah”





23 cm long vocal tract

11 cm long vocal tract

““oCae” series (VCV)”

"oae" (no consonant)